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June 09, 2015 12:35 PM

Ali Wentworth found beauty and fitness inspiration from an interesting source: Lena Dunham!

The Girls star dropped a seemingly offhanded comment – calling Wentworth’s husband George Stephanopoulos “something of a sexual icon” – during an interview with Robin Roberts in September, but Wentworth took the words to heart.

“Lena Dunham came on GMA and called George a sexual icon, and I was in my pajamas eating cereal, and I went, ‘Oh, great. I’m married to a sexual icon,'” Wentworth told PEOPLE Monday at the launch party for her new book, Happily Ali After in New York City. “So I immediately called up to get Botox because I thought: ‘I’ve gotta step it up! I’ve gotta shave my legs!’ ”

Wentworth, 50, later got the chance to thank Dunham for the motivation.

“She was eating lunch, and I was eating lunch in the same restaurant, and I sort of know her just from like, ‘Oh, I love you!’ and I said to her, ‘You gave me a great chapter in my book,’ ” adds Wentworth. “So she thought that was very funny because I said, ‘You called George a sexual icon.’ And she was like, ‘He is! He is!’ And I was like, ‘Stop saying that! I’m holding on by a thread!’ ”

Jokes aside, Wentworth credits her sleek physique to cardio and core training.

“I go on the treadmill and watch Law & Order: SVU, and I just started doing Pilates,” says Wentworth, adding: What I mean by Pilates is I lie on the mat and talk to my trainer, Heather.”

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