With her baby due this winter, the actress says she has a special 3 a.m. treat

By Sara Hammel and Jessica Wedemeyer
July 26, 2010 10:00 AM
Ramey Photo

For Ali Larter, being pregnant comes with a bonus: The ability to devour whatever she desires, guilt-free.

“Stop eating? I eat everything!” Larter, 34, said Saturday while promoting her new film Resident Evil: Afterlife during Comic-Con in San Diego. “I bake myself strawberry shortcakes and then I wake up at three in the morning and I eat them.”

And don’t tell the actress to worry about Hollywood’s pressure to stay thin.

“I love it because so much of the time, I have to be careful,” Larter says. “I work out. I play certain roles where it’s important for me to look a certain way. But now it’s just freedom. It’s like, bring on the Sprinkles cupcakes, pizza, pasta. I’m loving it!”

Larter, who was pictured in a flowing top with a suspicious bump poking through days before she announced last week that she and her writer-actor husband, Hayes MacArthur, are expecting, said she made a conscious decision early on choice to keep the news under wraps.

“It was a very private time for me and my husband and something that I just wasn’t ready to share, so we actually left the country for a while,” Larter explains, adding that “this was something that I wasn’t ready to share yet. So we came back from Europe, and I said to my husband, ‘I just want to go to lunch with my girlfriends. I just want to live my life.’ I was four months [pregnant] and it was just time to start living my life.”

On that note, Larter insists there’s one thing she won’t give up: Killer heels.

“You gotta do it,” she says. “I love my high heels. I’ll kick ass in four inches, pregnant any day of the week.”