By Stephen M. Silverman
March 17, 2004 09:35 AM

Despite speculation that Martha Stewart’s 38-year-old daughter, Alexis Stewart, might step into her mother’s executive-style shoes at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, the younger Stewart reportedly expressed no interest in a takeover of her embattled mother’s empire during a pre-recorded interview on CNN’s “Larry King Live.”

“I’m not so goal-oriented,” the New York Times reported Alexis Stewart as saying on the program, scheduled to air Wednesday night. “I’m more interested in environmental-type issues.” She and her mother, says Alexis, possess “different personalities,” though she was quick to add: “I’m proud to be Martha Stewart’s daughter.”

Alexis, who for a time was reportedly estranged from her mother, says she fainted when Martha’s guilty verdict was announced, according to the CNN transcripts. “Nobody really knows that,” Alexis said, “but it was so horrifying and incomprehensible that I fainted. And even the people around me didn’t know.”

Martha Stewart, 62, was convicted March 5 on four counts of lying to federal investigators about her sale of ImClone stock in December 2001. Her sentencing is scheduled for June 17. Legal experts believe Stewart will be ordered to serve from 10 to 16 months behind bars in a minimum-security prison, and on Monday this week Stewart announced her resignation as director and chief creative officer of the namesake company she founded.

Martha’s new title is founding editorial director, and she reportedly will retain her $1.2 million annual salary. She remains her company’s largest shareholder, yet had already resigned as chairman of the board for MSO last June, in light of the criminal charges against her.

During the interview, King asks Alexis, “What did you learn from your mother?” Her response: “Strength, persistence, open-mindedness.”

And her mother’s biggest fault? “She’s too, ironically, forgiving and kind and I know people don’t know that, but she was incredibly generous and she gives too much, I think.”