A group of lawyers threatens to sue over the film's suggestion that Alexander the Great loved men


Alexander the Great was not gay – so says a group of Greek lawyers who are threatening to sue Warner Bros. and director Oliver Stone for suggesting in his new film Alexander that the warrior was bisexual.

“We are not saying that we are against gays, but we are saying that the production company should make it clear to the audience that this film is pure fiction and not a true depiction of the life of Alexander,” Yannis Varnakos, spokesman for the 25 lawyers, tells Reuters.

The group has sent an extrajudicial note insisting that the studio include a reference in the credits saying the movie is fictional.

While Varnakos and his group of Greek attorneys haven’t actually seen the epic, starring Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie, they say they have gathered enough evidence to know there are “inappropriate references” to Alexander’s sexuality.

Alexander’s sexual behavior is a sensitive subject among some Greeks. Two years ago, hundreds of northern Greeks from the province of Macedonia, where Alexander was born, stormed an archaeological symposium because a paper was presented discussing the homosexuality of Alexander. At the time, police were called in to evacuate the participants.

Varnakaos says that Stone has the right to freely express himself – but the audience has the right to know the director is tampering with history.

“We cannot come out and say that (former U.S.) President John F. Kennedy was a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team and so Warner cannot come out and say Alexander was gay,” Varnakos said.

Alexander opens Nov. 24.