Alex Johnson and Brey Dorsett met at a tournament in college

Alex “Superman” Johnson is a Canadian professional basketball player who met his girlfriend, Brey Dorsett, at a pro-am game in college. Johnson graduated from North Carolina State, and Dorsett attended Johnson C. Smith, also in North Carolina, so the pair have a lot of history, on and off the court.

But it’s an on-court moment that currently has them in the news: Johnson proposed to Dorsett in a tailor-made viral clip inspired by a scene from Love and Basketball. Dorsett and Johnson are playing one-on-one when he falls to the ground, seemingly injured. Dorsett and Johnson’s teammates crowd around, and one of them craftily hands him a ring on the sly, which he uses to propose on one knee to a surprised Dorsett.

The proposal has gone wide on the Internet since first hitting YouTube May 28 – it’s currently got over 2 million views.

And while Dorsett and Johnson are fielding all kinds of attention, they mostly seem to be focused on each other.

Well, each other and basketball.