A flight attendant of singled him out and "got the better of me," he says

By Mike Fleeman
December 07, 2011 07:15 PM
Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

After getting kicked off an American Airlines flight, Alec Baldwin issued an apology to the other passengers, but not to the airline.

The 30 Rock star says in an essay on the Huffington Post that the flight attendant singled him out for using his phone while the plane was delayed at the gate, late for takeoff.

“I guess the fact that this woman, who had decided to make some example of me, while everyone else was left undisturbed, did get the better of me,” writes Baldwin.

(American says in a statement that Baldwin headed for the bathroom, slammed the door loudly, and called the crew “inappropriate names” and used “offensive language.”)

Baldwin accuses financially struggling U.S. airlines of using the 9/11 attacks as “an excuse to make the air travel experience as inelegant as possible.”

“The lesson I’ve learned is to keep my phone off when the 1950’s gym teacher is on duty,” he writes. “That was my fault there, even though this trip was quite a bit different from so many others. But it is sad, I think, that you’ve got to fly overseas today in order to bring back what has been thrown overboard by US carriers in terms of common sense, style, and service.”