The Flavors of Entanglement singer says she's loved the sport since she was "fresh out of the womb"

By Ulrica Wihlborg
Updated October 09, 2008 03:00 PM

Alanis Morissette can be tough in her music. Just consider her megahit “You Oughta Know.” Now, imagine her on skates.

“I’ve been a hockey fan since I was fresh out of the womb, to be honest,” Morissette, 34, tells “It would have been hard not to be in my family since we’re all hockey fans…Most Canadians learn how to skate when they’re 2-years-old. I was one of those kids, so I skated a lot on my figure skates and my hockey skates.”

Now, she is fusing her two loves, participating in the NHL Face-Off 2008 festivities on Oct. 9 by broadcasting part of her live concert in Montreal.

Morissette, who released her fifth album Flavors of Entanglement earlier this year, is expected to perform a new song, “Versions of Violence,” which she considers to be an ode to the Dalai Lama. She will also perform a song from Jagged Little Pill,, she says.

So why does she love hockey so much? Hint: It’s not just the brawn.

“I think hockey is like dancing; it’s such an art,” Morissette says. “At one point it was quintessentially Canadian . . . so I think there’s something sweet about that.”