Alanis Morissette Reflects On 'Jagged Little Pill' – 20 Years After Its Release

"After Jagged Little Pill, there was nowhere for me to go physically where I wasn t recognized," says Morissette

Photo: Ernesto Distefano/Getty

When Alanis Morissette released Jagged Little Pill in 1995, she became exposed to both the light and dark sides of fame.

“After the tour for Jagged Little Pill and that whole experience, I just felt like I grabbed the brass ring that I’ve been encouraged to chase my whole life, through culture and otherwise,” the singer, 41, says in the July/August issue of Live Happy.

“And so there I was, everything was amplified, so if there was any underlying loneliness or unresolved wounds or traumas, from childhood, etc., they were all exacerbated. To me that’s what fame does, it takes authority there and just blows it up,” she also says.

Fame also led to a loss of privacy for Morissette.

“There was nowhere for me to go physically where I wasn’t recognized, whether it was the grocery stores, or in the hotel rooms where people would break in or steal my underwear,” she says. “I couldn’t go anywhere where I would return to that sense of being that happy little brown-haired girl from Canada.”

Twenty years after Jagged Little Pill‘s success, Morissette is happily married to rapper Mario Souleye Treadway and is mother to their son, Ever Imre.

“I stay mindful when the schedule is hectic. For me, mindfulness is about being present and being hyper-sensual. That means feeling the breeze on my skin,” Morissette says of balancing her schedule.

“There is a version of happiness – that is a oneness with what is. It’s a quality of peace. If our egos are going to chase anything, that would be the lovely thing to chase.”

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