Alan Thicke died Tuesday, Dec. 13 after suffering a heart attack

Carter Thicke said goodbye to his father Alan Thicke on Dec. 13, the man he regarded as his “best friend and idol.”

On Tuesday evening, Carter was playing ice hockey with the Growing Pains actor when the 69-year-old suffered a heart attack, the Los Angeles Times reported. Not long after, Alan passed away.

Hours after news broke that the Golden Globe-nominated actor had died, Carter, 19, took to social media to pay tribute to the father of three.

“Today I lost my best friend and my idol, and the world lost one of it’s finest. You are a legend and I love you Pops. Until next time,” Carter tweeted alongside a photo of him standing next to his dad.

Alan was born in Canada and enjoyed playing ice hockey — Canada’s most prevalent winter sport — with Carter. In July 2015, Alan shared a sweet photo of the father-son duo on the ice rink.

“Like Father, like son. The Thicke apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. #CanadianAndProud #Hockey #TBT,” he captioned the picture of the two donning hockey uniforms.

Following his father’s passing, Robin Thicke spoke to the Los Angeles Times about the man he greatly respected and loved.

Robin, 39, told the newspaper that his father was “the greatest man I ever met” and said of Alan, “the good thing was that he was beloved and he had closure.”

Although his death was unexpected, the musician told the Times that he recently spent time with his father, during which he shared his great love and respect for the Growing Pains actor.

“I saw him a few days ago and told him how much I loved and respected him,” Robin said about seeing his dad just days prior to his death.

The veteran actor is survived by his wife, Tanya, and his three sons: Robin, Carter and Brennan.