Alice Through the Looking Glass and 8 Other Iconic Alan Rickman Performances

From Alice Through the Looking Glass to, of course, Harry Potter

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For all he did to make us hate his characters on-screen, it only made the world love Alan Rickman, everyone’s favorite villain, who died at 69 in January after a battle with cancer, even more.

This weekend marks the release of his final film, Alice Through the Looking Glass. So after tuning into last movie, it’s only fitting to honor the actor’s life of Rickman with a movie marathon of his most-loved films – in chronological order.

Die Hard
In the action-packed favorite, Rickman is evil personified as Hans Gruber, the psychotic German terrorist who takes Bruce Willis’ wife hostage.

Truly, Madly, Deeply
This emotional roller coaster follows Nina and Jamie, played by Rickman, a happy couple in love – until Jamie dies.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
While Robin Hood and Little John steal from the rich and give to the poor, Rickman’s character, the Sheriff of Nottingham, collects heavy taxes and governs people’s lives with unfair laws.

Sense and Sensibility
Taking a break from being heartless and easy-to-loathe, Rickman was sweet and endearing as Colonel Brandon in this 1995 Jane Austen adaptation, alongside Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson.

Galaxy Quest
This packed-with-laughs sci-fi film sees Rickman as Sir Alexander Dane, a once-Shakespearean actor whose career has been floundering ever since he played a half-human, half-alien. His life takes a turn when, at a fan convention, he and his cast mates meet a group of real-life aliens.

Love Actually
The holidays may be over, but it’s always the season to re-watch Love Actually. You want to shake Harry every time he appears on screen, but we’ve got to commend Rickman for making us feel all the feels over his sordid affair with his secretary.

Sweeney Todd
Could this be Rickman’s most villainous role of all time? In the dark musical, he sends an innocent man to jail, steals his wife (which leads to her death), adopts his daughter, plans to marry her against her will – and then throws her into a mental asylum! Regardless of how bad his character may be, there’s nothing like Rickman’s deep voice – especially when he’s singing.

Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass
We may not actually see Rickman in Tim Burton’s adaptation of the Lewis Carroll classic, but we’d recognize that smooth, stately voice anywhere. And now, there’s more of Rickman as the caterpillar to come: He’s filmed the movie’s sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass, before his death.

Harry Potter. Yes, all of them.
For all of his incredible, enduring performances, his turn as Hogwarts potions professor Severus Snape in all eight of the Harry Potter films will be his greatest legacy. He was evil, he was sympathetic, he was frustrating, he was selfless – he was perfect.

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