People see his joy from something as simple as the alphabet and are inspired," his mother, Hannah Marlin, tells PEOPLE

Credit: Hannah Marlin

It’s as easy as A, B, C!

In a heartwarming video, 2-year-old John David Marlin from Helena, Alabama, shows off his mastery of the alphabet – even the hard-to-say letter “W!”

The footage shows John David repeating each letter after his mother. When he gets to “Z” the toddler giggles and gives himself an adorable round of applause.

John David’s mother, Hannah Marlin, says her son, who has Down syndrome, has been working on his ABCs for the past two weeks.

“We were trying to get him to say them and he just started doing it so clearly!” Marlin, 23, tells PEOPLE. “He can say single words, but he doesn’t speak in full sentences, so this was amazing.”

The stay-at-home mom says John David is the “most outgoing little boy on the planet.”

“He doesn’t meet a stranger he doesn’t love,” says Marlin. “He’s always so happy.”

People all over the country have been reaching out to Marlin, thanking her for the video.

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“Folks have been telling me that they are showing their own children the video in the hopes that it will help them learn the alphabet,” says the loving mother. “We never thought the video would get that big!”

“People are so encouraged by John David, they see his joy from something as simple as the alphabet and are inspired,” says Marlin. “I think we all need a reminder like that once in a while.”