He agrees to enter a 90-day residential rehab program to avoid prison time

By Ken Lee
July 30, 2007 01:35 PM

Albert Gore III pleaded guilty to four drug-related charges in an Orange County court on Monday, and opted to enter a drug rehab program to avoid prison time.

Appearing with his lawyer before Judge Jacob H. Jager, Gore indicated to the court that he would enter an intensive 90-day residential center.

“This is what anyone coming off the street would be eligible for,” said Orange County District Attorney spokeswoman Susan Kang-Schroeder. “Gore didn’t get any more or any less than anyone else.”

Gore was carrying 140 pills of Vicodin, along with “dozens” of other medications when he was pulled over on July 4 in Southern Calif. while speeding in a Toyota Prius.

Deputies searched his car after they detected the smell of marijuana, and found prescription drugs including Xanax, Valium, Soma, Vicodin and Adderall, as well as a small amount of marijuana.

The former vice president’s son has a history of encounters with the law.

In August 2000, he was ticketed for going 97 mph in a 55-mph zone in North Carolina, and had his driving privileges suspended.

Two years later, he was cited for DUI in Virginia. He eventually pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year’s probation.

And in December 2003, Gore was arrested for marijuana possession in Maryland after he was pulled over for driving with his headlights off. He was sentenced to drug counseling in that case.

A Gore family spokeswoman had no comment.