Al Fayed Sues Charlatans

Mohamed Al Fayed, whose son Dodi died in the 1997 car crash that also killed Princess Diana and their driver, is suing four people who allegedly tried to sell him — for $20 million — phony information about the crash. Al Fayed claims Beverly Hills attorney Keith Fleer and three associates (Oswald LeWinter, Pat McMillan and George Williamson) forged documents purporting to be secret files from the CIA and MI6, a British intelligence agency. The files detailed a bogus plot to murder Diana and Dodi Fayed, according to the lawsuit filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

  • Al Fayed refuses to accept the conclusion that the high-speed crash in Paris was an accident and says he believes it was a conspiracy contrived by people who did not want an Egyptian stepfather for Diana’s sons. French investigators say they have found no evidence to support claims that the pair were victims of an assassination.
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