The mother became upset when two other passengers would not stop griping about her infant

By Kelli Bender
Updated December 19, 2014 03:15 PM
Credit: Steve Herman/Twitter

Think holiday air travel is bad? The cries of an innocent baby led to a full-scale fight on Air China Flight 433 to Hong Kong on Wednesday.

According to Mashable, the mother of the crying child, Chan Juan Sung, and two other woman reportedly started brawling after the pair of passengers would not stop griping about the infant.

The two fliers, who were sitting in front of the parent, first tried complaining to Chan Juan Sung about how much noise her baby was making. When the mom began shouting back at the accusers, the angry passengers responded by reclining their chairs as far as back as they would go.

This was the final straw for Chan Juan Sung. The parent allegedly leaned over the seats in front of her and began punching the women.

The scuffle became so disruptive that the pilot threatened to turn back and make an emergency landing.

The Air China flight eventually arrived on time at its intended location, reports FlightAware.

Authorities were waiting at the gate to talk to the ladies involved in the inappropriate midair behavior. There are no reports on whether any arrests were made in regard to the incident.

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