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August 05, 2014 04:40 PM

On August 5, 1994, the world was introduced to The Lone Rangers, a band of heavy-metal misfits who just wanted their band to get heard, via Airheads. Today, the film that seems both improbably quaint (Who would even know where to find a radio station today, much less with the intent of holding it hostage?) and jam-packed with talent turns 20 years old.

Everyone in the world is in this movie: Aside from the leads (Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler), Chris Farley, Michael McKean, Judd Nelson, Ernie Hudson (Winston from Ghostbusters!), Joe Mantegna, Michael Richards, Reg E. Cathey (Norman from The Wire and Freddy from House of Cards!) and Harold Ramis! Plus cameos from Kurt Loder and Rob Zombie and Lemmy from Motörhead, who reveals he was the editor of his high school newspaper! (A fact that is apparently true.)

Brendan Fraser in Airheads
Snap/Rex USA

The Lone Rangers’ single “Degenerated” is actually by iconic ’80s punk group Reagan Youth.

Brendan Fraser is rock n’ roll.

Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler in Airheads
Snap/Rex USA

Steve Buscemi’s character Rex’s look is apparently based on that of Pantera bassist Rex Brown. It’s a pretty spitting image, no?

Video contains profanity
This is a fake news promo for the film’s “hostage situation” that showcases virtually everyone we listed above. (It’s a DVD extra.) You should watch it, and then probably track down a copy of the film – remember, if someone asks you whether Lemmy or God would win in a wrestling match, it’s a trick question: Lemmy is God.

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