"Aimee is very excited, like a kid going off to college," says her father
Credit: Courtesy Andy Copeland/AP

Aimee Copeland, the Georgia graduate student who has waged a two-month battle against flesh-eating bacteria, was released from Doctors Hospital in Augusta on Monday and entered a rehab facility, CNN reports.

“Aimee is very excited, like a kid going off to college,” her father, Andy Copeland, told CNN about her entering the facility, where she is expected to remain from six to eight weeks, “but she also realizes that rehab will be arduous. But she says she will handle it.”

Copeland, 24, lost most of her hands, her left leg and her right foot after sustaining a wound in a May 1 zip-lining accident. Her infection developed into necrotizing faciitis, the clinical name for flesh-eating bacteria.

Speaking on Tuesday’s Today show, Andy Copeland also said, “Everything about this is just amazing to me. Her recovery is remarkable for three reasons: No. 1, it’s God’s will; No. 2, it’s her will; and No. 3, I believe it’s the wonderful care that she had there at the hospital.”

Now that Aimee is in the rehab facility, her father told CNN, “This next step is her opportunity to go [to] the next phase and learn something, be able to rehabilitate and basically relearn her life skills. She needs to be able to develop the autonomy to be able to transfer from her bed to a wheelchair to the shower to the bathroom or anywhere else in the house. And she can do it.”