Agent: Gisele Didn't Make Naked Super Bowl Promise

Sorry, Giants fans: The supermodel will not be running through Times Square

Photo: Ramey

Talk about overshadowing Janet Jackson‘s Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction: Sports fans – and others – were hoping for a rare treat following reports that Gisele Bündchen promised to run naked through New York’s Times Square if the Giants beat her boyfriend Tom Brady’s New England Patriots in the Super Bowl Sunday.

Sure enough, the Patriots were upset, losing 14-17, leading CBS Sports to remind the former Victoria’s Secret model about her promise to strip down for the people of Manhattan.

Only problem? Gisele’s agent says the supermodel never made such a pledge. “She didn’t say it. This is ridiculous,” her agent tells PEOPLE. “What’s wrong with the world?”

The world, it appears, will have to live without naked supermodels running through the streets – settling instead for Eli Manning and a ticker-tape parade.

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