Michael Becker
May 18, 2016 08:00 PM

With One Direction on hiatus, After Romeo has arrived just in time to satisfy your boy band fix.

Aside from gearing up to kick off their 20-city summer tour, the band – comprised of Drew Ryan Scott, Jayk Purdy, Blake English and TC Carter – will sing their hearts out (with a song they wrote the day before and learned day of!) in Samsung’s international mobile campaign.

Here are five things you need to know about After Romeo:

1. Oh band name, band name, wherefore art thou band name?

Finding a name to call yours forever is tough, and at first, the band was going by the name Mute. But after some collaborative thinking, they decided they wanted a name that could stand the test of time.

“What’s more universally known than the story of Romeo and Juliet?” English told PEOPLE when asked about the origin of After Romeo. “We also wanted something that would be able to evolve with us as we evolve. We knew that our music was going to keep on growing and keep on becoming something as we continued to grow … also we love Romeo and Juliet because we think Leonardo DiCaprio is pretty cool.”

2. They were escorted out of a One Direction concert – two separate times.

“At the very beginning of our group, we all went to a One Direction concert just to see what it was all about, and see the territory and what was going on,” Scott said of the band’s first experience with being recognized in a public setting. “It got so crazy in there because fans looked at us like we were some amazing band and they all started going crazy. The theater went nuts and One Direction’s security actually had to escort us out twice because they were all swarming us because we couldn’t get to our seats. We ended up having to watch the whole concert from the side stage. It was cool.”

3. They’re so much more than just musicians.

Turns out you may be singing some of Scott’s songs every day – and not even know it! As the primary songwriter, Scott has also created hits for major artists, such as Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Nick Carter and New Kids on the Block. And where there is music, there is dancing. English choreographs the group’s routines for their shows and videos. But what is dancing without a good outfit? Carter’s enthusiasm for fashion has rubbed off on the group both on and off stage, as they can be seen rocking anything from satin bombers and leather jackets to printed shirts and bandanas around their neck. Catchy songs, strong moves and an edgy look are all great, but Purdy’s expertise in social media makes everything aesthetically pleasing to their fan base around the world.

“Jayk and I play on a flag football team together,” Carter says of what he likes to do on outside of the recording studio, while English and Scott (and Purdy and Carter, too) might opt to kickback and watch a flick. Their favorite right now? Money Monster or Captain America.

4. They are very outspoken about the global bullying epidemic.

In 2014, the group launched a 300-school and 35-mall Bully Proof tour, where they traveled cross-country to give daily performances and to educate fans about the issue of bullying in hopes to establish a bully-free community. All growing up in different communities, each member of the group stood before students and parents to share their own experiences with bullying and the negative long-term effects that may come out of it.

5. The title of their newest hit says it all "Good Things" coming!

After Romeo’s two new hits “Good Things” and “Convenience” are available for purchase on iTunes now, as well as their EP “Good Things” that is available for pre-order before its release on June 24.

But wait, there’s more. After Romeo is part of Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star campaign, which features 25 artists that have the opportunity to win the chance to open the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. From May 11 to June 5, go to iheartradio.com/risingstar to vote for them up to 50 times a day. Fans can also tweet using #AfterRomeo and #RisingStar as a method to vote.

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