FilmMagic (2), INF, AP
March 15, 2011 07:10 PM

Wanted, one duck.

When Aflac announced it was giving Gilbert Gottfried the boot for his disrespectful Tweets about the Japanese tsunami, it created an immediate job opening for someone with a distinctive talent.

According to reports, Aflac will start a nationwide casting search, and already some frontrunners are being mentioned.

Fran Drescher, for one, has a trademark laugh and Gottfried’s nasal tone, while Joan Rivers posses a loud, raspy voice.

Then there’s Sofia Vergara. She’s not only loud, but a recent Modern Family episode suggested she can already squawk like a bird.

And what about Charlie Sheen? His hoarse tone has been impersonated by many over the last two weeks. So tell us: Who should be the voice of the new Aflac duck?

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