By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated March 17, 2004 09:35 AM

Obviously Ben Affleck didn’t get the joke when Razzies founder John Wilson hand-delivered the worst-actor prize to the “Gigli” star at the CNN studios in Los Angeles on Tuesday, while Affleck was on “Larry King Live.”

“Ben Affleck refused to believe it was a real Razzie,” Wilson told on Wednesday morning. “He rejected it for looking, as he called it, “cheap” — which, of course, is the whole point of it.”

Wilson also suggested that Larry King didn’t help matters by telling his guest, who was there promoting his new movie, “Jersey Girl,” that the Razzie “looks like a piece of crap.” It was soon after that Affleck decided not to keep his prize.

Earlier on Tuesday, Affleck, 31, had been quoted by the Associated Press as saying that he felt “stiffed” by the Golden Raspberry Awards committee, which hands out awards for the worst movies of the year — but never sent Affleck’s prizes to him.

At the 24th annual Razzie Awards, held the day before this year’s Oscars, “Gigli” became the first movie ever to sweep all six major categories, including worst picture of 2003. The dud also took “honors” for worst actor (Affleck), worst actress (Jennifer Lopez), worst screen couple, and worst screenplay and direction (both by Martin Brest).

But since nobody had sent him the Razzies, Affleck had insisted to AP, then the least he should get was “a golden sack of grapes.”

Looking back, Wilson now thinks that Affleck didn’t seem to realize that the Razzie is such a pitiful-looking thing, consisting of a bunch of plastic raspberries glued to the top of a film spool and spray-painted gold. (Its value has been placed at under five bucks, which is less than what it cost Wilson to drive to CNN and park his car.)

“Now the Larry King people are refusing to send it back to me, so I have to go back to the studio and pick it up myself,” says Wilson, who has decided to turn trash into treasure by letting Affleck’s fans have a chance at getting Gentle Ben’s honest-to-goodness “Gigli” Razzie.

“I’m putting it up for sale on eBay,” says Wilson, who originally considered setting a minimum $500 bid, “to see if it gets any takers.”

As it turned out, Wilson decided upon an opening bid of only $4.89, “the genuine street value of the Razzie,” for what is now eBay item No. 3804577195. The sale concludes March 26.

As of early Thursday afternoon, bidding was up to $967. Wilson also says that, at the new owner’s request, he’ll repair the Razzie, which Affleck had ripped apart on the air.