Affleck on 'Good Terms' with Lopez

It was the breakup heard ’round the world, but that doesn’t mean the couple formerly known as Bennifer had an explosive parting. In fact, they’re still pals, PEOPLE reports.

“I’m on really good terms with Jen,” Ben Affleck says. “We still talk.”

And write. Jennifer Lopez sent her former fiance a note before he flew to New York City to promote “Jersey Girl,” their last film together, opening March 26. (“I do not envy you having to do this junket,” Lopez wrote.)

Still, doesn’t it make Ben squirm a little to see himself and his ex on screen? “It’s actually fun to look at,” says Affleck. “I’m really proud of this movie. I’m glad that we were able to do this so the last memory of us working together is something that’s really positive.”

Affleck has been through this before, of course. “I broke up with Gwyneth shortly before ‘Bounce’ came out. It looks like bad luck, right?” he says, laughing. “You’d think I’d learn my lesson.” At least he’s trying. For now, he says, “I’m not all that eager to be dating anyone.”

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