Melissa Hunter, star of the hit Web series Adult Wednesday Addams, says the fictional heroine is "unflinching in the face of antagonists"

By Ana Calderone
Updated February 18, 2015 07:00 AM

If there’s one fictional character who could handle catcalling while remaining cool, calm and collected, it’s Wednesday Addams.

In the latest video for her Web series Adult Wednesday Addams, actress Melissa Hunter imagines how the goth heroine of Addams Family fame would handle all-too-common street harassment.

“She is self-possessed and unflinching in the face of antagonists,” Hunter tells PEOPLE.

And she’s got the video to prove it.

After being harassed on the street (warning: NSFW language), Wednesday uses sweet revenge to stand up to two guys – one of whom tells her, “You’d be a lot prettier if you smiled.”

With her pale skin and dark, braided pigtails, she tracks down the harassers by following the scent of their Axe body spray – and then employs an army of intimidating characters to stand watch while she compliments the offenders, she says, “All. Day. Long.”

Hunter explains that she decided to explore the way Wednesday would deal with catcalling (the episode aired on the series’ second season) because it has become a part of her own daily life in Los Angeles. She even recalls being chased by one particular catcaller, an experience she says “was very scary.”

“Some have argued that Wednesday Addams would have just decimated the catcallers – but in the Addams’s philosophy, death is a gift,” she says. “And death by Wednesday’s henchmen would have been too honorable of a death for these two.”

Hunter posts new episodes of Adult Wednesday Addams every Wednesday – of course – on her YouTube channel.