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"I'm so excited!" the Cheetah Girl tells PEOPLE of her new hosting gig

February 05, 2009 01:00 PM

She’s traveled to Spain, Canada and India for work, but for her latest gig Adrienne Bailon is packing up her bags and moving somewhere a bit closer to home: New York City.

The Cheetah Girl, in addition to pursuing her singing and acting career, will leave the Disney Channel family to host New Afternoons on MTV, a two-hour block featuring new episodes of three MTV shows – Sex with Mom and Dad, Room Raiders 2.0 and Parental Control – starting Feb. 16, the network announced.

“I’m so excited!” Bailon, 25, who will share hosting duties with MTV Tr3s VJ Carlos Santos, tells PEOPLE. “I’m such a fan of MTV and I’m looking forward to a new experience, meeting people and making friends. It’s just a new path for me and I think it’s going to be an amazing opportunity.”

For her new job the L.A.-based singer and actress plans to move across the country, which, according to Bailon, has both pros (relocating closer to her family in the Big Apple) and cons (leaving her boyfriend Robert Kardashian behind – at least temporarily).

“He’s finishing school [at USC] in May,” she says about Kardashian, 21. “We have our own goals and careers, but we support one another 100 percent. I support him with school and he’s definitely supportive of me with everything I’m doing.”

“I think we’re young and we’re just having fun,” adds Bailon, whose hosting duties will include discussing the shows, answering viewer questions and interviewing celebrities (Lily Allen will be the first guest) weekdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET/PT. “[After his graduation] we can do anything we want.”

Goodbye to Cheetah Girls

As for the fate of the Cheetah Girls, “the three of us always knew the tour would be the last tour,” she says about fellow group members Kiely Williams and Sabrina Bryan, who are also launching their own solo careers. “With Disney, all franchises come to an end so we’re just glad we were able to go out with a bang. The three of us are still so super close.”

But she won’t be leaving all of her Cheetah roots behind. “We’ll always carry the same message of the [group], which is girl empowerment,” says Bailon, adding that recent buzz about Jessica Simpson‘s figure “is insane.”

“I was upset,” she says. “I think it sends the wrong message. More of us women look like Jessica Simpson than we do Kate Moss I think she looked amazing. She looked beautiful. She looked like a real woman and she looked sexy. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that!”

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