Adrianne Curry Wants Kids Before Husband Becomes 'Decrepit'

The reality star says she doesn't want her husband to be "ancient"

Photo: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

The biological clock is ticking for reality star Adrianne Curry – but it’s not hers, it’s husband Christopher Knight’s! “If we start having [kids] soon [he’s] not going to get decrepit like Mick Jagger,” the ever-outspoken Curry told reporters Tuesday night. “When his kid hits his teens [he’ll] be dead. I don’t want that and we won’t have that if we have kids in the next few years.”

And what brought on the sudden need to add on to the family? Knight’s landmark 50th birthday on Nov. 7. (The America’s Next Top Model winner and Brady Bunch star, who met on VH1’s Surreal Life, married in Santa Barbara last year.)

“When he turned 50, I realized that I don’t want him to be anymore ancient than he has to be when our kids are getting [older],” said Curry, 25, speaking at the launch party for Electronic Arts’ “Need for Speed ProStreet” game launch party at Hollywood club Les Deux. “Like how much does Mick Jagger run after his 4-year-old? Think about it. Probably not at all.”

Knight chimed in: “We want to have the kids before I’m in the crib with them.”

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