"Go for it. Wear an Elsa dress and play softball," the photographer says of the image's girl-power message

By Tim Nudd
Updated June 17, 2015 08:50 PM
Betsy Gregory

“Let It Go?” These girls certainly have!

Of the idea that girls can’t be tough or look mean. That they should be in dance class, not on the softball field. That princesses can’t do anything princes can do, and have a blast doing it.

This awesome photo of an Oklahoma softball team’s 4- and 5-years-olds scowling in their Elsa dresses from Frozen has gone viral in recent days. And no wonder – it’s a brilliant, adorable portrait of girl power.

“You can do anything you set your mind to,” Betsy Gregory, who took the photo and posted it to Facebook, told NewsOK.com. “As a mom, that’s what we want our girls to feel the power to do, to step up and try anything.”

The girls were in a dance class together originally, when their moms started talking about softball. To get the kids interested, they decided to use every little girl’s favorite movie. They called the team the Freeze (after initially considering the Sparkling Elsas), and got the girls to wear turquoise shirts, white pants and turquoise-and-white socks – the colors worn by Elsa in the movie.

“Little girls that are in beautiful sparkly dresses are okay to look a little tough and look a little mean,” said Gregory, whose daughter is the team’s catcher. “I’ve heard words like ‘fierce’ thrown out. It’s okay to be strong and empowered.”

The girls ended up having a great season, as measured by what really matters.

“We came in dead last,” Gregory says, “but we had lots of fun.”

At season’s end, it was time for a team photo on June 10. “Pretend that your brother stole something from you,” Gregory told the girls as she lined up the shot.

The rest is history.

“You’re a little girl, and you can do anything,” Gregory, who never intended for the photo to go viral, said of the message it sends. “Don’t let people get in your way. Go for it. Wear an Elsa dress and play softball.”