Also, we're betting the night ended with an epic car karaoke sesh

Credit: BlayzenPhotos/Splash News Online; Pacific Coast News

Our dreams came true on Monday night – and no, we’re not talking about the news of a Hey Arnold! revival (although that was pretty cool, too.)

No, Monday night saw the awe-inspiring union of Hollywood’s most lovable ladies – a title that can only be fulfilled by three women: Adele, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone.

While we’re not exactly sure how the trio came to grab dinner together at N.Y.C.’s Cosme restaurant on Monday (not that we’re complaining), it does seem possible that Adele and Stone traded numbers following their appearances on Saturday Night Live. As for Adele and J. Law: the duo dined at the same restaurant last week, albeit with different groups, which could explain their meet-up.

One thing we’re definitely sure about, however? The night was chock-full of interesting conversations. Below, check out the scenarios we’re betting (read: hoping) actually happened over dinner.

They Discovered a Mutual Love of Fully Loaded Nachos

Which, admittedly, isn’t a shock seeing as they headed to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. But they totally had a heaping plate of nachos (no utensils; they’re real cool like that) after a convincing speech delivered by the one and only Jennifer “Girl on Fire” Lawrence.

Jen: “So, do we want apps?”
Emma: “I think I’ll pick at it if we get something.”
Jen: “You know what, ladies? I’m really f–ing hungry, and at this point I could probably devour three plates of nachos. You’re either in or out!”
Adele: “Life is too short. Let’s get a side of guac too. It’s time to go HAM.”
Emma: “Oh, thank God! I worked through lunch. Let’s get a plate of nachos, tacos and one of those cool-sounding salads to start.”
Jen:Lisa Vanderpump would be proud.”

J.Law Asked Them to Join the Cast of Her Upcoming Amy Schumer Movie

Because let’s be honest, it would be a downright travesty if Jen didn’t bring up the screenplay she’s working on with Amy to her new friends.

Jen: “So, I’m working on this thing with Amy Schumer and I think you guys should star in it.”
Emma: “Are you kidding? I’m so down!”
Jen: “YES!” (high-fives Emma)
Adele: “I don’t know, guys.”
Jen and Emma: “What?!”
Adele: “No, no, no, I’m not an actress. I know I said I would if my ‘Hello’ director asked me, but no. I’m not even that funny.”
Jen: “But you are a cameo would be glorious, even.”
Adele: “Hm, possibly. But only if I just pop up in the back of scenes, like in a restaurant or a nightclub. And I won’t say anything, just sort of stare at the camera dramatically.” (cackles gloriously)
Jen: (immediately texts Amy under the table to alert her of the awesome news)

The Obligatory Relationship Talk

It’s inevitable during a girls’ night. Especially when said GNO involves three women whose personal lives are on full display.

Emma: “Can I just say I’ve been obsessively listening to 25. I’m two and a half margaritas in, and I’m not afraid to say it!”
Jen: “I ordered the same coat you wore in ‘Hello’ And I win! I’m already three margaritas in!”
Adele: (Laughs)
Emma: “Boys are weird. Life is weird.”
Jen: “Yes. You can say that again, sister.”
Emma: “Boys are weird. Life is weird. There, extra emphasis.”
Adele: “Ladies, you’re both more beautiful than Cinderella. No need to stress.”
Jen: “Love that movie!”
Emma: “We should just head to my place, watch Bridesmaids on loop in tiger onesies as we stuff our faces with dollar pizza.”
Adele: “That’s really specific.”
Jen: “I’m in if we add Buffalo wings to that pizza order.”