YouTubers deliver fresh takes on the Internet's favorite power ballad

Adele‘s "Hello" is the power ballad that keeps on giving.

In the two weeks since the instant hit was released, stars shared emotional reactions on social media, Ellen DeGeneres spoofed the video and a college student pranked her ex-boyfriend with the lyrics.

In the meantime, the 27-year-old singer’s fans have had plenty of time to put their spin on “Hello,” releasing all sorts of covers online. Here are the best ones – so far.

This South Korean Schoolgirl Would Make Adele Proud

No one knows this South Korean schoolgirl’s name, but we all really should. Her passionate, understated version of the song – performed in a classroom, with only a piano with typical school noises in the background – is riveting.

A Sign Language Interpreter Gives a Great Lesson

Molly Lou Bartholomew is a certified American Sign Language interpreter with a YouTube channel featuring ASL versions of songs like Taylor Swift‘s “Shake It Off” and John Legend‘s “All of Me.” “I have dedicated this channel to my number one passion in life, artistic/theatrical interpreting in ASL,” she notes on her page. “I have worked very hard on keeping these songs as conceptually accurate as possible.” Even if you don’t know sign language, you’ll feel what Bartholomew is feeling.

This YouTube Star Proves Guys Can Hit Adele’s Notes

Leroy Sanchez already has an amazing cover of Sia’s "Elastic Heart" to his credit, so it’s no surprise that his version of “Hello” would be as emotionally charged. He’s got an incredible range and an effortless vibrato that brings the song’s emotional heft to new levels.

Pop Star Conor Maynard Makes ‘Hello’ Even More Haunting

Fans might be more familiar with Conor Maynard’s dance-ready single "Turn Around," but the English star shows off his ability to sing chilling ballads with his Adele cover. Bonus: this version of “Hello” features an original rap verse from his buddy Anth.

Miranda Sings Basically Yells Her Take

If you’ve seen Miranda Sings‘ videos, you know what’s coming with this one. Who better to serve up a ridiculous parody than YouTube’s resident awkward anti-comedy genius?