"There also was a period when I just thought, 'Maybe I should just go out on a high?'" says the Grammy winner

By Phil Boucher
Updated December 01, 2020 09:32 PM
Credit: Neil Mockford/GC Images

Nearly five years have passed since 21 took the music world by storm and Adele is revealing more about her anticipated new album 25.

In radio interviews on Friday, Adele, 27, said her forthcoming release deals with the vast changes in her life since she was a 19-year-old singer.

“This record is all about how I feel as opposed to how someone else has made me feel,” she told SiriusXM. “That’s why it’s a make-up record because I’m dealing with myself for the first time in my life.”

Speaking to BBC Radio 2, Adele admitted that she found the process to be so difficult that she nearly threw in the towel.

“I was struggling to write my record, so it all slowed down,” she explained. “Obviously, I took a bit of time off because I became a mum. Then when I thought I was ready to start writing I wasn’t. So I took some more time off. And then I was ready. So a couple of times I thought I’d dried up.”

She even worked on material inspired by her son Angelo, 3, she told BBC Radio 1.

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“I did write an album about being a mum, but that was pretty boring, so I scrapped that,” she said.

“There also was a period when I just thought, ‘Maybe I should just go out on a high? Maybe people have heard enough of me? Maybe that’s all they want to hear,'” she explained on BBC Radio 2. “I didn’t want to come back with anything that people wouldn’t like.”

Adele eventually managed to put the questions behind her, and if her new single “Hello” is anything to go by, fans can expect to enjoy another chart-busting collection of heartfelt tunes.

Yet despite collecting 10 Grammy Awards and recording the fourth biggest selling album of all time, there’s one person that even the Oscar winner can’t please with her songs: her son Angelo, 3. While most fans would give up a large slice of their paycheck for an intimate Adele gig, Angelo has the child’s prerogative of being a little more, well, selective.

“He doesn’t really like my music,” Adele revealed on BBC Radio 2, adding that Angelo prefers her to sing children’s favorites “Twinkle Twinkle,” “Row Row Row Your Boat” and music from Peppa Pig, an animated British TV series. As for “Wheels on the Bus,” that’s not part of the bedtime repertoire just yet.

“But I’m sure that’ll be requested soon!” she added.

With a young child roaming the house, Adele has also ensured her Oscar is far away from any chocolate-covered hands.

The Academy Award, which she received for her song featured in 2012’s James Bond film Skyfall, now sits safely in a cabinet alongside the dress she wore on the red carpet.

Adele got the idea from fellow singer Barbra Streisand. Yet she has added her own uniquely twist to the display: “It’s next to my ‘Best Mum Award’,” Adele said. “My boyfriend got [gave it to me] after I won my Oscar!”

As for the new Bond tune by fellow Brit Sam Smith, Adele said Bond themes require “brave” artists due to the intense pressure and scrutiny that come along with the gig.

“I think that anyone who dares to do it is fantastic,” she said.

Adele’s 007 experience was unlike no other, though.

“I was quite heavily pregnant when I recorded the song,” she said. “I was about to pop during the red carpet premiere, that’s why I wasn’t around for any of it. I would have, like, given birth. Very publicly!” • Additional reporting by JEFF NELSON