"I took a South Florida sleigh ride today and I ain't talkin' Santa Claus," quipped Adam Fisk
Credit: Courtesy Adam Fisk

The next time this happens, he’s going to need a bigger boat.

Florida Atlantic University student Adam Fisk, 22, was fishing in his kayak Sunday near Boynton Beach, Fla., when he hooked a pretty unusual catch: an 11-foot hammerhead shark, which took Fisk on a two-hour, 12-mile ride, captured on Fisk’s helmet camera.

“Hooked a hammerhead in 50 ft. of water and got drug out to 250 ft.,” Fisk wrote on Facebook, according to Reuters. “I took a South Florida sleigh ride today and I ain’t talking Santa Claus.” According to the video, at one point he was being chased by one hammerhead while being towed by the one on his line, which gives the Spinal Tap album Shark Sandwich a whole new meaning.

“I threw my bait out and went to reel my other one in so I wouldn’t get tangled, and I just had time to pick up the rod before the other one already got picked up by that hammer,” Fisk added.

Fisk belongs to Team Rebel Fishing, a group of extreme anglers.

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