March 10, 2016 03:30 PM

Often called “Sundance for the troops,” the GI Film Festival on April 7 will present two documentaries with special appearances by Adam Driver, Gary Sinise and Danny Trejo.

Hosted by U.S. Navy veteran Jamie Kaler, who also hosts American Heroes Channel’s America: Facts vs. Fiction, the festival (presented by Fathom Events and GI Film Group) will premiere Climb, a film about a double amputee’s journey for charity, and “The Real Inglorious Bastards,” a documentary about a U.S. World War II veteran’s undercover mission in Nazi-occupied Europe.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, who launched Joining Forces, an initiative to support the troops and their families, in 2011, will also participate in the festival with a special introduction recorded for the event.

The festival “shares a mission that my friend and partner in Joining Forces, Dr. Jill Biden, articulates in a video for the festival, that film and TV can play a role in bridging the divide between our military and civilian communities by combating stereotypes and raising awareness about the unique challenges and the extraordinary strengths and contribution of our troops and their families,'” says the First Lady in the video.

“We’re so proud of them and so grateful for their incredible service to our country and proud of the work they’ve done to tell so many important stories,” she continues.

Tickets for the GI Film Festival can be purchased here.

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