July 31, 2001 04:21 PM

It’s not unusual for an actress to appear nude in a men’s magazine. Which is why Brazilian actress Dercy Goncalves is willing to peel off her clothes and appear completely in the buff for the September issue of the Brazilian edition of Penthouse. Goncalves, it should be mentioned (since someone is BOUND to notice), is 94 years old. “It’s not like I’m going to open my legs and embarrass my family,” the notoriously brash Goncalves, who is best known in her country for a ’60s TV show, has promised Reuters. “It’s going to be very artistic, the kind of thing you would put on your coffee table.” The news service reports that Penthouse and Goncalves are still hammering out the details (including her salary) for the shoot, but the photos are expected to illustrate an article on how elderly people are poorly treated. “There’s no one better than Dercy Goncalves, the symbol of freedom of expression, to talk about the hypocrisy of our attitude toward the elderly,” said Penthouse Brazil director Oscar Maroni. “Penthouse isn’t just sex, it’s also about politics and protest,” he added. For the record, Joan Collins appeared in Playboy when she was approaching 50. The photos were very tasteful.

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