Actors on First

Stars turned out in New York last night for the Creative Coalition, which held its second annual benefit, called “Seconding the First 2: A Performance Celebrating the First Amendment.” PEOPLE reports that Coalition president William Baldwin kicked off the evening’s entertainment of skits, musical performances and brief anti-censorship speeches by such entertainers as Rosie Perez, Marlo Thomas, Lou Reed, Jon Stewart, Woody Harrelson, Ben Stiller, Dick Gregory and Sally Jesse Raphael. Sporting nothing but a pair of red and white boxers, and covered head to toe with soot, Baldwin leapt out of a cloud of smoke and announced to the crowd, “Movies don’t kill — people do.” Even wheelchair-bound Chris Reeve played for laughs. At one point Baldwin and CEO Jeff Bezos, who received the Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award, left the actor stranded on the stage. Reeve looked over at them and asked impatiently, “Can I get a ride out?”

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