Moms on Duty: 10 Active Duty Soldiers Pose for Photo While Breastfeeding Their Babies in Full Uniform

Female soldiers at United Sates Army post Fort Bliss posed for a photo to celebrate motherhood and their service

Photo: Tara Ruby Photography

Inspired by the creation of a nursing room at the Army post of Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, one former member of the Air Force brought a group of active duty mothers together to create an unforgettable photo.

Tara Ruby, an El Paso photographer who served from 1997 to 2001, told CNN that she offered up her skills when she heard the special new room for breastfeeding soldiers was lacking decor.

The room, which features chairs and a refrigerator for storing milk, among other things, is something Ruby lacked while juggling new motherhood and her service, according to CNN.

“I thought it was be nice to offer some photographs as an additional show of support,” Ruby said. “Seeing a picture like that helps mothers understand they can be an active soldier and provide support to their children.”

The shoot, which, an Army spokesman told CNN, was approved by the Fort Bliss Public Affairs and Garrison Command, involved 10 active duty soldiers who Ruby found through a Fort Bliss motherhood support group, Fort Bliss P3T Program.

In the image, the women breastfed their children while wearing Army uniforms. Currently, no policy exists preventing women from nursing in full uniform as long as “professional standards” are maintained, reported CNN.

“I think it’s great the Army is supporting active duty mothers,” Ruby told CNN. “Sometimes, you hit a point in your military career where you have to choose between being a soldier and a mother, and a photo like this helps mothers so they don’t have to choose.”

Ruby initially shared the image on her Facebook page earlier this week, but wrote that it was taken down overnight.

“I posted this on here last night at 11:59pm. It has since disappeared from my feed and my wall. So we are posting this here again,” she wrote on Friday.

The image has since been reposted and has garnered over 6,000 shares.

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“Breastfeeding their babies doesn’t make them less of a soldier, I believe it makes them a better one,” Ruby wrote on Facebook. “Juggling the tasks and expectations of a soldier, plus providing for their own in the best way they possibly can, makes these ladies even stronger for it.”

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