We're looking back at Breslin's childhood in the spotlight
Credit: Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

There’s only one thing to do when your birthday falls on #tbt!

In honor of the beginning of her 20th year, we’re binging on adorable throwback pics of Abigail Breslin. After all, the child star wasn’t that different from us once upon a time

She made some questionable fashion choices.

She liked to play dress up (and get paid for it).

She took fierce baby photos.

She rocked the toothless look.

She went through an awkward phase (for a role, but still).

She had typical childhood friends.

She got stuck going to boring grown up events (like the Oscars)

And movie premieres.

She could be found Kit-ing around.

She experimented with bangs.

She liked to roll with her homie, Curious George

And partied with him too.