Abigail Breslin Defends Selena Gomez From Body-Shamers

"Keep rocking those bikinis," the 19-year-old actress wrote to Gomez

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The bonds between former child stars run deep.

Abigail Breslin took to Mixtapes & Winter Coats,” her personal Tumblr account, this week to defend Selena Gomez from body-shamers.

Gomez, 22, faced online criticism earlier this month when pictures surfaced of her in a pink bikini. The Spring Breakers actress shot back at the haters on Instagram, captioning another bikini pic with, “I love being happy with me y’all #theresmoretolove.”

On Sunday, Breslin, 19, hopped on the body positivity train, writing on her blog, “All this stuff about Selena Gomez online in her bathing suit is RIDICULOUS.”

She continued: “Everyone is always saying how we shouldn’t judge each other, so why are you commenting on a gorgeous, talented and smart young girl’s body when she’s on the beach having fun with her friend AND SHE LOOKS AMAZING. Aren’t there more important things the world can be reporting on??”

Breslin, who stars in the upcoming Scream Queens, goes on in her self-described “rant” to blame public fat-shaming of celebrities for the prevalence of eating disorders in young women.

“I think if we all took the time we spend making each other feel bad about ourselves and used it to make each other feel good, the world would be a better place,” she wrote. “Oh and also if we taught girls they had more newsworthy qualities than how they fit into a bikini, we’d have a lot more happy girls.”

She finished the supportive post by telling Selena, “You look amazing and more importantly look like you’re having fun. Keep rocking those bikinis.”

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