Who wants another night of “Who Want to Be a Millionaire”? ABC, obviously. The network unveiled its new fall schedule Tuesday and announced that “Millionaire” will expand to four nights a week (from its current three). Among the stars with new ABC series: Geena Davis , as a newly married New Yorker in the ‘burbs in the sitcom “Geena”; Gabriel Byrne, as a divorced dad in the sitcom “Madigan Man”; and “Homicides”‘s Andre Braugher, as a doc in the medical drama “Gideon’s Crossing.” As expected, the network canceled the low-rated but critically acclaimed “Sports Night” (which, say some reports, may move to HBO) and also dropped its TGIF schedule of teen-friendly series. One TGIF show, “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” which stars Melissa Joan Hart, has surfaced on the new WB fall lineup (see next item).