Jason Lord won a personalized video from the actor after donating to Paul's wife's charity

By Alex Heigl
December 17, 2013 07:00 AM

Men out there, take note: This is how you get engaged properly.

Jason Lord recently proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Jackie Prater, and he really pulled out all the stops.

Shortly after the pair started seeing each other, one of their dates involved “drunkenly dueting to Mr. Big’s ‘To Be With You,’ ” and “the song has been an inside joke for them ever since,” according to the video. So Lord enlisted a few friends, and put together a band to help him sing the song to Prater.

But that wasn’t the biggest surprise Lord had for Prater: He won a personalized video from Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame – Jackie’s favorite actor – after donating to Paul’s wife’s charity. So, as the group finishes their song, Jesse Pinkman himself pops up in a video to cue Lord’s proposal. (She said “yes.”)

“I couldn’t be happier for you,” Paul adds at the end. Neither could we.

Congratulations, Jason and Jackie, and thanks, Jason, for raising the bar so staggeringly high for the rest of us.

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