Aaron Carter discusses why he won't give Hillary Clinton his vote, and how friend Michael Jackson inspires him

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated April 05, 2016 07:15 PM
Credit: People now

Aaron Carter is explaining why he’s choosing to supportDonald Trump for president – and making no apologies for his politics.

“For me, I like somebody who likes to defy the odds, such as myself,” Carter, 28, explains in a new interview with PEOPLE Now. “I’ve seen our presidents in my lifetime – Bill Clinton was my favorite president. You would think that I would vote for Hillary, right? But I’m not.”

Carter – who recently released his first single in years – announced that he was endorsing Trump in February. Carter dealt with an onslaught of backlash at the time, and clarified that he doesn’t agree with everything the GOP frontrunner stands for.

The musician says that voters distrust Trump because people don’t understand politics.

“I deal with things like, people who are slandering, defaming me for supporting somebody, but you’re doing the exact same thing to me that you’re having a problem with him in the first place,” he explains, adding, “I’m too intelligent for you guys – like people, who don’t understand politics. I have a lot more information than I’ve given out.”

He also reiterated that Trump’s policies don’t all sit well with him: “I don’t agree with building walls. I don’t agree with you at one point supporting the gay community and then all the sudden you don’t, I don’t support that.”

He continued, “The day that I said I was voting for Donald Trump, I was doing an LGBT event that night. I was number one trending topic on Facebook, worldwide, all this, and I had this whole community that would attack me. But when I got there, all they had to do was have a conversation with me to realize that I’m a smart guy, I understand politics.”

Carter says Trump will be good to Americans in both higher and lower tax brackets, and contends that people are afraid to publicly issue their support for the billionaire.

“Guess what, people are gonna go vote for him – they’re just not gonna tell you about it.”

The “Fool’s Gold” singer also opened up about his friendship with the late Michael Jackson to PEOPLE Now, revealing that the musicians were close because they “started at the same age.”

“Not very many of us that have done that,” Carter explains. “And then be able to make a transition for a little kid, to a preteen, to a teen to an adult. Mind you, Michael Jackson’s hardest transition was teenager to adult.”

They’re not completely alike, however. Carter says he’s better equipped himself to deal with “the pressures of the world.”

“I’m not gonna let them hurt me,” he charges.