Just weeks after the glamorous ex-wife of Italian fashion heir Maurizio Gucci was sent to jail in Milan for his murder, new witnesses claiming they can prove she is innocent have begun coming forward. Patrizia Reggiani Gucci, 50, has served only 12 weeks of her 29-year sentence for plotting the gangland-style murder of her billionaire former husband, but two men now say they can help the former society beauty win an appeal, her lawyer said. “I’m rather puzzled by these claims, and I can’t yet say whether they can be used in the appeal,” Reggiani’s lawyer Giovanni Maria Dedola told Reuters. “We will present grounds for appeal very soon, and the process should start within the year.” One of the witnesses, Vittorio Rovani, claims a woman friend of Reggiani’s was in fact the real mastermind of the 1995 shooting outside Gucci’s office in Milan, Dedola said. “I can be the super-witness to prove Reggiani is innocent,” Rovani wrote in a statement sent to Reggiani’s lawyers. “I know she was not the author of Gucci’s death.”

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