Victoria “Posh Spice” Adams and her soccer star fiance David Beckham plan to show their Aug. 28 wedding and reveal their sex secrets on British TV in a deal said to be worth $4 million. “No other couple could command such a massive fee for their wedding,” an insider told Britain’s News of the World. “The whole thing is like a royal wedding and a pop concert all rolled into one.” The couple, said to be worth $40 million, also negotiated to have their parents paid $8,400. (It is unclear whether that is for each or en masse.) Posh — who is due to give birth this week (and has previously revealed that she plans to name the child Brooklyn, because that’s where the kid was conceived) — and Beckham intend to disclose for TV viewers the oddest places they’ve made love since they met in May 1997. The TV special will also feature the couple reading intimate letters they’ve written to one another over the years.

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