A New Web Celeb

  • Watch out Dancing Baby, Mahir Cagri is the latest Web celeb — and he’s a real live person. It’s reported that after a short time on the web, Cagri’s home page has reached the million-hits mark. So who is this Turkish uber-dude? His original site (http://members.xoom.com/primall/
  • mahir/index081199.html) features a photo gallery of home pictures and reads (in badly translated English) much like a personal ad (“WELCOME TO MY HOME PAGE!!!!!!!!! I KISS YOU!!!!!). He likes sports, music, traveling, sex and writes, “Who is want to come TURKEY I can invitate . . . She can stay my home.” The site’s address made the e-mail rounds across the nation — and world — and he’s become a web sensation. He’s been spoofed by others and his site was hijacked (on one, his image is animated and he dances a lá the Dancing Baby). On Cagri’s second site, launched this week (http://members.xoom.com/
  • _XOOM/primall/mahir/), he explains that a friend created the site and that he was caught by surprise by the flood of e-mail responses and phone calls he’s since received. “Somethings in life happan bayond one’s control,” he writes on the site. “That’s how my homepage’s story went on, beyond my control, a trick of technology.” PEOPLE called the number on Cagri’s site and an affable but barely coherent male said, “It’s nice to meet you” before asking for a faxed request for an interview. In a response to an e-mail sent to Cagri by PEOPLE Online, he wrote, “We would like to come to America and have a lot of offers from all around the world” and broached the subject of having his expenses paid for a visit to New York City to meet us.
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