A New Sinatra Record!

Found, in Old Blue Eyes’s hometown of Hoboken, N.J.: a lacquered aluminum record from the 1930s that may actually be Frank Sinatra’s first recording as a solo artist. The recording, made by amateur musician Walter Costello, features Sinatra singing “Roses of Picardy,” accompanied by Costello on the accordion. “My opinion is that the record is for real,” Tom Owen, a voice identification expert, told the Associated Press. “If it’s not Sinatra, it’s the best fake you could do.” Costello’s widow, Angela “Dolly” Calandriello, said her only plans for the momento are to display it at Hoboken’s mini-museum for Sinatra, called From Here to Eternity — after his 1954 Oscar-winning movie.

With additional reporting by Simon Perry.

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