Halle Berry fell for the "silly" French actor in 2010 after she had sworn off the idea of remarrying
Credit: Julien Hekimian/Getty

When Halle Berry first met Olivier Martinez in 2010, the self-proclaimed “hopeless romantic” fell head over heels with the fun-loving French actor.

“He’s silly, a clown, and very much the life of the party, which is good for someone like me,” the Oscar-winner, now 49, told InStyle in 2012. “Danny Downer … been there, done that. Now I like Louie Lightfoot!”

Berry was dealing with the aftermath of a difficult divorce from model Gabriel Aubry at the time, and had all but sworn off the idea of remarrying. “I’m not done with love, but I refuse to settle,” she told Vogue in 2010. “I am a hopeless romantic. And I won’t stop till I get it right.”

Berry had met Martinez, 49, on the set of Dark Tide earlier that year, and the costars were soon spotted kissing off set. “It was the classic ‘I’m going to kiss you here in a dark corner’ move,” an onlooker told PEOPLE of one of the pair’s romantic evenings together. “And she was waiting to be kissed.”

Things began moving quickly for the costars, and it wasn’t long before Martinez was introduced to Berry’s mom. “It was a big deal that Olivier got to meet Halle’s mom,” a source said in the fall of 2010. “It shows that they are getting more serious.”

Two years later, the private couple announced their surprise engagement. “Who knew?” she told Extra in 2012. “I swore it off, right? Never say never, people!”

“Halle has found a rock to lean on,” a source close to the couple said of her relationship with Martinez. “She has called him ‘The One,’ ” Sophie Dulac, president of the Champs-Elys es Film Festival told PEOPLE. “She’s said she never expected to meet this Frenchman, to fall in love like she has.”

In April, the couple revealed they were expecting their first child together, an unexpected joy Berry called “the biggest surprise of my life.” She added, “Thought I was kind of past the point where this could be a reality for me. So it’s been a big surprise and the most wonderful.” A few months later, they were married in a small ceremony at the Chateau des Conde in Vallery, France on July 13, 2013.

When their baby, Maceo-Robert, arrived in October, sources at the hospital told PEOPLE, “Olivier hasn’t left Halle’s side.” Nahla, Berry’s daughter from her marriage with Aubry, “visited her baby brother” and was seen happily skipping and prancing in the corridor of the maternity floor, according to sources.

In the months leading up to their divorce, the couple appeared outwardly happy in recent outings. At a Treats! magazine party in February, Martinez and Berry were “inseparable,” an eyewitness told PEOPLE. “They kissed and held hands throughout the night.” The onlooker added, “They were dancing” and “looked very happy.”

In August they enjoyed a PDA-packed breakfast date at Los Angeles eatery La Conversation and “seemed okay and were affectionate” according to a source. Later that week, another onlooker watched as “Halle and Olivier relaxed on the beach with the kids and also visited the Malibu Country Mart for lunch,” a source told PEOPLE. “They had fun with the kids and wore their wedding rings. They seemed happy.”

While their second anniversary seemed to slip the actresses mind during an E! News interview last month, Berry quickly recovered saying, “Wow, two years. That’s big for me.”

But on Tuesday the couple announced their plans to divorce in a joint statement saying, “It is with a heavy heart that we have come to the decision to divorce.” They added that they “wish each other nothing but happiness in life.”

According to sources, the split was in part caused by disagreements over their living situation. Plans to raise her children in Europe have been derailed by the ongoing custody battle with Aubry, and Martinez “never loved living in L.A. full time,” according to a source. “[He] just isn’t happy in L.A.”

Another issue, said another source who knows the couple, was Martinez’s temper. “He has a violent temper,” the source told PEOPLE this summer. Martinez got into a Thanksgiving brawl with Aubry in 2012, and was caught shoving an LAX employee with a baby seat earlier this year. The employee is now suing the couple for $5 million.

Ultimately, a source tells PEOPLE that the relationship between the two “fiery personalities” had “run its course,” adding: “They are keeping it amicable now. She is okay.”

This will be Berry’s third divorce and Martinez’s first. Berry wed baseball player David Justice in 1993 and singer Eric Ben t in 2001.