A Jordan Comeback?

Citing a source “very close to Jordan,” Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly reported in this week’s issue that former NBA great Michael Jordan, 38, is “90% committed” to making a comeback next season with the Washington Wizards (the team he is now managing) — and the speculation mounts: Will he? The story has been further fueled by reports the former Chicago Bull is spending up to six hours a day in a gym to get back into playing shape. Jordan told The Washington Post on March 8 that a comeback “has not crossed my mind, but I will never say never . . . The first time I said never, I ended up coming back, but I can say that there’s a 99.9% chance that I am not coming back.” Downplaying the report, Jordan is insisting that he is simply working out so he can fit in his suits. “I am working out because I got up to 240 pounds, and I’m trying to lose weight,” he is quoted as saying in Wednesday’s Washington Post. Still, there are those who are hoping for more.

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