A white toy bear in a Santa Claus suit has emerged as a possible clue in the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation. The district attorney asked the public for help Thursday in tracking down information about the stuffed animal. In a statement released to the press, prosecutor Alex Hunter said investigators needed to know the identity of the bear’s manufacturer and which retailers carried the bear in or before 1996. Suzanne Laurion, a spokeswoman for Hunter, declined to say what relation the bear had to the case, when and where it was found or whether it belonged to JonBenet, who was 6 when she was slain the day after Christmas 1996.

  • The 12-inch-tall bear was clad in a red Santa-style hat, a long-sleeved bolero jacket and pants that were trimmed in a material similar to curly lamb’s wool, Hunter said. A half-inch wide black belt surrounded its waist, holding a 3-inch brown pouch. “I make this public request for assistance knowing that it will give rise to considerable speculation about the status of the Ramsey case,” Hunter said.
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