It's the only logical way to cool off in the summer

By Laura Lane
July 22, 2015 03:15 PM

What happens when a 6-foot-tall guy puts himself inside a giant water balloon? Well, it eventually explodes. Friends Daniel Gruchy and Gavin Free recently documented their pursuit of creating a human water balloon on their YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys.

Turns out the hardest part was figuring exactly how to get Gruchy inside the balloon. After struggling to get the rubber around his legs, Gruchy realized the best thing to do would be to partially fill the balloon up before climbing in. This resulted in a bizarre progression from tiny human water balloon to giant human water balloon, which Free chronicled with various colorful descriptions of his friend throughout the process.

After Gruchy climbed in: “You look like a weird genie.”

A little later: “You’re like a slug.”

Partially filled balloon: “Jabba the Hutt.”

Almost about to burst: “It’s like you’re a human-size womb.”

Post-burst: “It looks like you got born again.”

The video was a follow-up to their hit 2011 video (that has over 94 million views), in which they filled up a giant water balloon and filmed their attempts to pop it in slow motion. How exactly did they find a balloon this big? A simple Google search for “6ft climb in balloons” led them to exactly what they were looking for.

“It was cold in there even though it was a hot day,” Gruchy tells PEOPLE. “It became more comfortable as the balloon got bigger.”

Best part of all? “It didn’t hurt when it popped.”