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May 31, 2009 08:00 PM

Susan Boyle may have lost Britain’s Got Talent to an 11-member street-dance group Saturday, but she has much to look forward to after securing worldwide fame.

First, she is set for a 14-venue British tour alongside the other nine finalists of the show that netted Diversity the big prize.

And then, riding the wave of recognition spurred by video of her audition going viral, she will likely record an album.

“By coming second, maybe the pressure is off her a bit and she can get on and make that album,” Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden tells PEOPLE.

And Ashley Banjo, leader of the dance team Diversity, agrees: “She is going to have a great career,” Banjo said Sunday.

Boyle won the winners’ hearts with her reaction backstage after the finale, and Banjo, 20, praised her graciousness.

“Obviously you would be a bit disappointed – you wouldn’t be human otherwise,” Banjo told reporters Sunday. “She was even more gracious offstage than on stage. She gave us big hugs. She had a bit of a dance with us. She was really cool about it.”

Holden adds of Boyle, 48, “She took [the defeat] really well. She was really gracious and even flashed a bit of leg when she danced with Diversity.”

Banjo says Diversity’s victory was a stunner. “We were up against Susan Boyle, who has become a superstar throughout this competition right across the world,” he said. “To beat Susan is still a massive shock. We thought she was amazing last night as always.”

Diversity is made up of three sets of brothers and their friends, whose ages range from 13 to 25, from Essex. Their victory was viewed by an estimated 19.2 million people in Britain, which makes up 72 percent of all TV viewers on Saturday night. They grabbed 24.9 percent of four million votes, beating Boyle who got 20.2 percent.

In addition to the tour, which launches in early summer, Diversity will also be prepping for the Royal Variety Performance, in front of Queen Elizabeth.

Asked if he will be heading back to school tomorrow, little Mitchell Craske, 13, told reporters, “I’m not too sure.”

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