A Michigan man who used guesswork instead of a dictionary when getting a tattoo is now suing the tattoo parlor over the mistaken spelling of “villain.” Lee Williams was left with “villian” on his right forearm, but he didn’t notice until a friend made fun of him, according to a lawsuit filed this week. Williams, 23, is seeking $25,000 in damages against Eternal Tattoos. To cover up the mistake he had plastic surgery, which cost him $1,900 and left a “scar as long as his forearm,” said his lawyer, Paul Clark. Williams, a student at Wayne State University and a former Marine, got the tattoo in 1996. Before the procedure, workers at the parlor debated how to spell the word, Clark said. Williams wasn’t sure, either, and they settled on “villian,” Clark said. Eternal Tattoos’ owner Terry Welker said that the parlor has a policy of asking all customers how they want words spelled. He said if a customer agrees to a misspelling, “that falls back on them, not the artist.”

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