A Box Office 'Poké'

Animated is right: “Pokémon: The First Movie,” which opened last Wednesday, took in an estimated $32.4 million over the weekend, giving it a 5-day total of $52.1 million — the best 5-day total of any picture ever released outside of May, June or July. Obviously, the cartoon feature was the weekend’s No. 1 movie. The also-rans:

2. “The Bone Collector,” $12 million
3. “Dogma,” $8.8 million
4. “The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc,” $6.3 million
5. “Anywhere But Here,” $5.7 million
6. “The Insider,” $5.1 million
7. “The Bachelor,” $4.7 million
8. “House on Haunted Hill,” $4.4 million
9. “Double Jeopardy,” $3.1 million
10. “The Sixth Sense,” $2.7 million

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