Twenty-five years after the fact, a sound-check tape thought to be the first known concert recording of the Beatles is expected to fetch up to $58,000 when it goes under the hammer at Christie’s London on Dec. 10. Irene Draper, 52, said her father, the chief technician at the Bournemouth Gaumont studios in southern England, made the reel-to-reel recording in August 1963 to check sound quality. But he was not overly impressed with the recording band, so he left the tape in a workroom and forgot about it. He only looked for it at his daughter’s urging. “I nearly went through the roof when I heard it again after all these years,” Mrs. Draper told the Daily Telegraph. “I knew it was really hot stuff.” The 25-minute, 10-song tape picks up the female fans’ screams — still muted at this stage in the Beatles’ career — as well as humorous remarks by John and Paul.